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Human Development & Training

Level UP yourself:

Your Skill, Your Knowledge, Your team


>> Learn what you want to know

Put yourself ABOVE: 

Become an Expert


>> Advance what you want to master

Strive BEYOND your limit: 

Learn New Knowledge, 

Discovery your Full Possibilities 

>> Unlock new opportunities 

  • Participants can choose any course level that best fit their preferences
  • It is not important to always start with Beginner level and it is not necessary
    to progress ascendingly
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Be the best version of yourself with UNBOX
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Digital Communication
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Communication 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Website Creation
  • Online Commerce
  • Digital Design – Photography and Video Editing 
  • Digital for Business – Digital for Office 
  • Personal Development 
  • Team Development 
  • Leadership 
  • Teamwork
  • Team Building 
  • Self Discovery
  • Career Planning and CV Creation 


All of our facilitators have direct experience in their subject matters.

Not only that they have taught the subjects but they have either designed or developed the subject or product they engage with.

At UNBOX, we believe in helping our clients discovering their full potential.

All of our courses are designed with human centric approach with sharing methodology that focus on positive experience and meaningful learning, not just studying.

Not only that we accept human difference, at UNBOX, we
embrace everybody individualism.

All of our courses are customisable to ensure best learning experience and full compatibility so you will never have to worry the class is not right for you or your team.

Digital Marketing Consultant & Agency

Kick-start your business with our consultancy

Focus on getting you off a good start with our knowledge 

i.e. market analysis, digital marketing 101 pack for SME, LINE OA. Facebook presence SEO and SEM set up for brands  

Win Business Opportunities with our project-based services

Short term engagement aim to help you seize the opportunity and overcome challenges

i.e. Social Media Management, Digital Media buying per project

Scale out the success with our full range of digital marketing engagement

Be a partner for your success with end-to-end engagement

i.e. Full digital media strategy and buying, cross platforms digital integration for brands

Example of our industry specialists

Mook Phipatseritham

MBA from South Korea 12 years of global business experience Globally trained human development consultant Worked on digital strategy and human development with over 2,000 SME and over 100 big enterprises

Praewpan Aiumchaikla

Ex-LINER, Founding member of LINE Official Account Thailand 12 years of business development and have worked with 1000+ business LINE Official Certified coach and taught over 2,000 students

Katina Rinswasdi

9 years of experience in tech integration and website development Direct in technical end-to-end website and SEO strategy and execution Certified Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Hubspot

Taninrat Kanokvaliwong

9 years of Digital Marketing experience covering all areas Certified Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprints Digital marketing experts with experiences in managing marketing budget of over 200m
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