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Human Development & Training

Level UP yourself:

Your Skill, Your Knowledge, Your team

Learn what you want to know

Put yourself ABOVE: 

Become an Expert

Advance what you want to master

Strive BEYOND your limit: 

Learn New Knowledge, 

Discovery your Full Possibilities 

Unlock new opportunities 

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Be the best version of yourself with UNBOX
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Digital Communication
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Communication 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Website Creation
  • Online Commerce
  • Digital Design – Photography and Video Editing 
  • Digital for Business – Digital for Office 
  • Personal Development 
  • Team Development 
  • Leadership 
  • Teamwork
  • Team Building 
  • Self Discovery
  • Career Planning and CV Creation 


All of our facilitators have direct experience in their subject matters.

Not only that they have taught the subjects but they have either designed or developed the subject or product they engage with.

At UNBOX, we believe in helping our clients discovering their full potential.

All of our courses are designed with human centric approach with sharing methodology that focus on positive experience and meaningful learning, not just studying.

Not only that we accept human difference, at UNBOX, we
embrace everybody individualism.

All of our courses are customisable to ensure best learning experience and full compatibility so you will never have to worry the class is not right for you or your team.

Digital Marketing Consultant & Agency​

Kick-start your business with our consultancy

Focus on getting you off a good start with our knowledge 

i.e. market analysis, digital marketing 101 pack for SME, LINE OA. Facebook presence SEO and SEM set up for brands  

Win Business Opportunities with our project-based services

Short term engagement aim to help you seize the opportunity and overcome challenges

i.e. Social Media Management, Digital Media buying per project

Scale out the success with our full range of digital marketing engagement

Be a partner for your success with end-to-end engagement

i.e. Full digital media strategy and buying, cross platforms digital integration for brands


We have a full-suite digital team with direct experiences in their fields and capability to deliver across full functional needs of digital journey. 

Not only that we are technical experts when it comes to digital but we also have strong business knowledge and local market insight

At UNBOX, we believe in the power of communication and transparency and knowledge sharing are at the heart of our core. 

By working together with UNBOX, you can rest assured that there will be full transparency in every step

For UNBOX, our goal is never to just provide, but to also guide and be your digital partner throughout your journey. 

Unlike majority of agency who provide digital solution, at UNBOX, we provide knowledge sharing, idea bouncing, and are motivated by the same goal you have.

Our Current Offers
  • Digital Strategy for Business 
  • Product Roadmap 
  • Research, Focus Group (FGD), IDI
  • New Product Launch Consultation
  • End-to-end Media planning and measurement for brands 
  • Marketing Strategy and Kick Starting Implementation
  • Digital Design for brand presences i.e. Brand identity, Brand online positioning 
  • Graphic design and creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Digital Communication
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Communication 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Creation
  • Online Commerce and payment set up 
  • SEO set up
  • Google Tag Manager and Google analytics integrations
  • CRM initiation 

Examples of Our Work

At UNBOX, we understand the needs of straightforward, meaningful, data-driven research and how to make it happen for brands like you!

We specialise in helping you design research scope and methodology that meet your goals. All our research services are fully customised and focused on identifying insight from set of relevant data. Not only that our research is competitively-priced, we only walk you through all steps to ensure your full understanding

Our scope of services includes but not limited to market sizing and trend, customer analysis and customer profiling,, opportunity assessment, competitive intelligence, market assessment and recommendation, focus group and in-depth interview.
Paid Advertising
UNBOX partner with brands like you to build connection with your target audiences through a comprehensive social media strategy and top-knot execution.

We focus not only on the ROI but also on driving customer engagement and enhance your brand presence throughout all the touch points.

We have expertise in all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter
Website Creation
Website is where customer will come to you, learn about you, develop relationship with you, and carry on their engagement with your brand.

At UNBOX we understand how important it is to have a great website and we intend to help you build your online strategy tailored to your website, market your new storefront, attract traffic to your online home, and link it to your preferred data interpretation and marketing tools.

Our team of web developers and designers hold Strict adherence to professional work ethics, have the right knowledge when it comes to technology, believe in two ways communication, and most importantly we deliver our work in timely manner.

Our services are available for both new website creation and redesign existing website
Content Creation

We provide end-to-end content strategy and solution tailored to your business needs.

Our services are inclusive of, but not limited to, Content marketing, Content strategy, Content creation for SEO, Content creation and copy writing for branding and performance, Content distribution and partnership.

We offer services in Thai, English, and Chinese
Influencer Marketing
UNBOX provide full suite influencer marketing services where we partner with you to plan your strategy in engaging with most relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of your choices, simplify your communication, KOLs management, and create the most viral and captivating content in the most suitable social channel.

Our services capture not only top influencers but also micro and nano ones. Our network of influencers include Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, and Cambodia from all categories e.g. Fashion, Food, Tech, Parents.

Under the management of UNBOX Team, you are guaranteed not to only find the most compatible KOL but also to be able to manage them in the most efficient manners.
Graphic Design
At UNBOX, we believes that good design does not have to be complicated nor expensive.

Our team of Graphic Designers provide a myriad of design ranging from simple straightforward design, to innovative aesthetic, to bespoke materials with the quality that is hard to beat and a transparency in how we price our services.

We also provide interpretation and localisation of existing designs.

Inquiring about our scope of services and full company credentials at hello@unboxbkk.com

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