UNBOX is an independent team of industry experts who share belief in human and business transformation through knowledge sharing emphasizing on connecting the right people to the right learning and connecting the right business opportunities to the right team with knowledge.

Founded in 2017 in Bangkok with operation across Southeast Asia and teams in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Dubai.

UNBOX offers end-to-end digital-focused services starting from individual and team development, to marketing consultancy, to digital media management and more.

Why we are different

Our Belief

We believe in Human power and our ability to learn and progress when given the right resources.

We believe that there are advancement potential and unlimited possibilities in each and everyone of us that are waiting to be UNBOXed.

We have what you need

Our Business Units

At UNBOX, we have two business units: First one is our Human Development and Training Unit, the Second one is our end-to-end Digital marketing consultancy & agency services

Human Development

End-to-End Digital Marketing Consultancy & Agency

Meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We are a team of independent experts from diverse backgrounds who share the same belief in human and business transformation and growth through knowledge sharing. All of our team members are passionate about helping you and your business grow, is an expert in their fields, and well-versed in communication.

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